10 July 2019 - The Star Features on Central i-City's Wei Qi Competition

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Central i-City aims to nurture more Weiqi Champions

Central i-City homed to the 4th Malaysia National Interschool Weiqi competition

Central i-City Shopping Centre and Malaysia Weiqi Association (MWA) co-hosted the 4th Malaysian National Interschool Weiqi competition on 29th and 30th June 2019. The competition garnered more than 350 local and international participants from Korea, Japan and China across 85 schools. This year’s competition is also known to be the largest number of participations since the commencement of the first competition held in 2016.

Since August 2018, Central i-City has been working actively together with MWA to prepare for this competition by sponsoring 100 primary and secondary school students from Klang and Shah Alam across 10 schools to undergo a four (4) months series of intense professional Weiqi classes to equipped participants with techniques, skills, strategy and guidelines towards the art of Weiqi.

Central i-City’s representation Alfred Chua mentioned that “Central i-City hopes to be the Center of Life to the people of Klang and Shah Alam by introducing and sponsoring more educational and inspiring programs as well as events to enrich the life of our next generation”. He added, Weiqi is known to be the hardest board game in the world and believed to be the oldest board game in which it has originated about 2,500 years ago in China.

I’m pleased to announce that this participation’s rate for this year has increased by 500% as compared to 2018, it is indeed a breakthrough in the history of MWA, I believe that the trend of Weiqi will increase said Tiong Kee Soon, President of MWA. He added that, the champions of each category for the 4th Malaysia National Interschool Wei Qi competition will be the seeded players for the upcoming year end Confucius Cup International Weiqi Competition 2019, where the top three (3) finalist will be presenting Malaysia internationally as part of the Youth Weiqi team.

Central i-City hopes to nurture more young minds with intellectual knowledge by introducing Weiqi-an abstract strategy board game to the next generation of Klang and Shah Alam that through this competition. Lastly, Central i-City would like to congratulate all the champions for each category such as Kuen Cheng Independent High, SMK Seksyen 3 Bandar Kinrara, SJKC Hua Hsia and SJKC Lick Hung.