City Rooftop Farm

Join City Rooftop Farm and #BeACityFarmer. Begin your one-in-a-melon adventure with the 'Adopt A Melon' program, reconnect with nature, and inspire the future of farming - one plant, one muskmelon at a time. #BeACityFarmer and #GrowYourOwn:

  • Support growing produces locally and sustainably, one plant at a time.
  • Adopt the self-sufficient concept of naturally-grown food by yourself.
  • Grow, nurture and harvest yourself while inspiring the same in others.
  • Engage and empower individuals, unifying communities for a common goal.

Adopt A Melon Program entails a one-in-a-melon excursion of the laborious #melonfarming work, including harvesting, weighing, and packing, & are rewarded with a tasting of delightfully ripe melon. All it takes is one bite to make all the effort worthwhile.

Urban Melon Farming
City Rooftop Farm Premium Musk Melon

Sign up via the CityFarm Malaysia outlet and start farming your own City Rooftop Farm breed of premium muskmelon on our rooftop farm.