It's very safe here !

In our continuous efforts to ensure a safe shopping environment for all, we’re enhancing our safety measures to prevent spreading of the Coronavirus disease.

1. Hand sanitising solution will be made available at all entrances, all escalators & travellator on the Lower Ground (LG) floor, all entrances of the bubble lifts on every level, the mum & baby rooms and Customer Service counters on level G and level 2.
2. All toilets and mum & baby rooms will be sanitised with antiseptic solution every 15 minutes.
3. All loan items such as baby strollers, wheelchairs and mobility scooters will be sanitised with antiseptic solution before & after each use.
4. All escalator & travellator handrail belts will be sanitised with antiseptic solution every hour.

A safe shopping environment would be further ensured through frequent washing and sanitising of hands, practising of cough etiquette and good personal hygiene.

If you experience or notice anyone displaying any symptoms of the Coronavirus while shopping in our mall, feel free to seek assistance from our Customer Service personnel immediately and we shall aid in calling an ambulance from Hospital Shah Alam, nearby.

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  • Mall Wide
  • 10am - 10pm